Codice | Unpuzzling Information Management
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Your Information is your most valuable
corporate commodity.

We will work with you to develop a solution
that meets your organisation's unique
Information Management needs

Codice have a team of highly experienced
information management and training


Your Information is your most valuable corporate commodity.
How effectively are you managing it?


Codice and Codice PNG are experienced Information Managers, specialising in Document and Records Management, who remain independent of software providers. We believe this enables us to to recommend, design and help implement best fit solutions to help organisations to meet increasingly complex information management needs.

Our strength lies in our dedicated team of senior, experienced and knowledgeable consultants and their commitment to staying abreast of new technology and how this impacts the way individuals and organisations work. Our aim is to provide the highest level of service and support to our clients, wherever they may be located.

We pride ourselves on a client base that consists of a high level of repeat business and new business achieved through referrals.

Codice deliver leading edge information management consulting services to clients in the public and private sectors, across all industries and widely dispersed locations both in Australia and the Pacific Region.

Contact Codice today to see how we can help your organisation gain efficiencies through effective management of information.