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Information Architecture at the Australasian Enterprise IT Conference

By: Nicole Mathison

20 October 2015

Information Architecture at the Australasian Enterprise IT Conference

Yesterday I was pleased to speak at the Australasian Enterprise IT Conference 2015 on Information Architecture & Network Analysis. The Australasian Enterprise Information Technology Conference was held as three conferences in one, bringing together strategic disciplines that focus on enterprise-level IT management, specifically:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

As noted by the organisers and supporters (including the Australian Computer Society and Institute of IT Professionals New Zealand), these three disciplines provide the basis for establishing an IT capability that supports business agility, operational excellence and effective decision making, with the purpose of holding the conferences together being to encourage knowledge transfer and identify synergies between the interrelated disciplines.

Enterprise IT Conference 2015

During my all-too-brief time at the conference, I was delighted to exchange knowledge and insights with  fellow attendees and presenters, including Anne Buff on data monetisation – deriving monetary or equivalent value from your organisation’s data, Dr Vanessa Douglas-Savage on approaches to successful IM strategy development, and Ram Kumar on establishing accountability for data/information programmes from the top.

My white paper on the topic Information Architecture & Network Analysis: Demonstrating the Value of Information Architecture in Business Transformation was published as part of the conference proceedings, and is attached here for those to whom it might be of interest. In my view, network analysis can provide a vivid map of current information use and opportunities for information architecture improvements, and is certainly worthy of consideration to support information architecture for business transformation.